Road Construction

Summer 2017 Construction

Updated Aug. 14, 2017

It's that time of year again when the Town will begin work on its annual street maintenance. Typically, we try to do these projects in the summer because it does not disrupt traffic as badly when school is not in session. 

These projects began May 30, 2017 and are expected to be completed by the end of summer. 

Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve the Town!

Project A – Eldorado Pkwy at FM 423

Replacement of various concrete panels.
Westbound – Increase from 2 lanes to 3 through lanes at FM 423.
Eastbound – Additional left turn lane.
Striping and pavement markings:
 - West of FM 423 will be per Town of Little Elm standards.
 - East of FM 423 will be per City of Frisco standards.
All pavement reconstruction is complete. Additional striping is being scheduled for the westbound lanes on Eldorado at FM 423 and is anticipated to be completed this week. Landscaping and irrigation work is ongoing. 

Project B – Witt Rd at Brent Elementary

Removal of left turn lane.
Light pole relocation.
Landscape and irrigation update.
All pavement reconstruction is complete. Additional concrete work will occur, but will not impact peak time operations. Landscaping and irrigation work is ongoing. 

Project C – Witt Rd at Eldorado Pkwy

Replacement of existing median with 8” thick stamped concrete.
Construction will be ongoing during non-peak hours. The contractor will be pouring stamped concrete in the median nose in the next two weeks. 

Project D – Water Valve at Walker Ln

20” butterfly valve replacement.
Rework new pavement and barrier free ramp to drain to nearest inlet.
The 20" valve is complete. Replacement of the stamped crosswalk has also been completed. In the next two weeks, the contractor will construct and install a new storm inlet in the northeast corner of the intersection to improve drainage. 

Project E – Woodlake Parkway

Replacement of various concrete panels.
Striping and signage at FM 423.
Valero driveway – One lane of access must be maintained at all times throughout construction.
All travel lanes are open and the project has been restriped. Landscaping and irrigation repairs will be ongoing, but will be conducted behind the curb and should not impact travel lanes. 

Eldorado Parkway
Eldorado Pkwy 6 20
Woodlake Phase 2

Additional Projects
Dickson lane is closed from West Eldorado Parkway to Hill Lane to traffic beginning in July to facilitate the reconstruction. The roadway will be closed until February 2018.