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Taste & Odor Issues
Water Sources
The Town of Little Elm purchases water from the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD), which supplies us with water drawn from area lakes. The NTMWD utilizes Lavon Lake for its primary raw water source with additional raw water coming from Lake Texoma and Lake Chapman.

Algal Blooms
As with all surface water systems, algal blooms are possible during the summer and winter months. Algal blooms may cause taste and odor issues for some residents who are more sensitive to these changes. The taste and odor is a palatability issue only. The palatability change that results from a naturally occurring algal bloom does not alter the quality of the water provided to the cities and the communities served by the NTMWD. The water supply remains safe for use with no health risks created by these events.

Below are links to fact sheets about what algal blooms are and the steps the NTMWD is taking to minimize taste and odor issues caused by algal blooms:
  • Ozonation – Includes brief information about ozonation benefits and the NTMWD ozonation implementation plan at the Wylie Water Treatment Plants.
  • Summer Algal Blooms (specific) – A general fact sheet about summer algal blooms.
  • Taste and Odor (general) - Includes a general fact sheet about taste and odor, a summer bloom information page, and a winter bloom information page.
  • Winter Algal Blooms (specific) - A general fact sheet about winter algal blooms.