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Awareness Alerts
Vehicle Burglaries

Wednesday May 8, 2013, we had a significant number of burglaries of motor vehicles (BMV’s) in the northeast area of Little Elm.  The primary streets where these BMV’s were reported were Pine Trail, Evening Mist and Cascade Cove.  There were a few assorted other cases, all in the same general area.  In each instance, entry was made into UNLOCKED vehicles.  In a few cases nothing appears to have been taken but it was apparent that someone shuffled through the contents of glove boxes and assorted other locations in the vehicle.  In other instances, items of a varying degree of value were taken.

Please let all of your Neighborhood Watch members and in the case of HOA’s, all of your contacts know of these occurrences.

Remind each of them of the mantra of the Reduce Auto Theft in Texas (R.A.T.T.) program:  “Lock, Hide, Take.”

Always, LOCK your car, even if you only plan to leave the vehicle for a moment.  It only takes a moment for someone to open an unlocked door and grab your laptop, GPS, or other item of value you left behind.  Many people who have their Concealed Handgun License (CHL) have left guns in their cars that were taken.  Although nothing of this nature was reported last night, cases involving the theft of guns have happened in the past.

HIDE your stuff.  Put items of value in the trunk, or better yet take it in the house with you.  Remove and hide the window mounts of your GPS and similar charging devices as these are merely “advertisements” that there is probably an electronic device (GPS, phone, laptop, etc.) somewhere in the vehicle, which may prompt a more aggressive entry or exhaustive search by the criminal.

TAKE your keys.  While this may seem obvious, never leave your keys inside an unlocked vehicle.  Many times these key rings also have house keys or other keys to significant locations, not to mention the immediate opportunity to steal the vehicle itself.

Some additional tips to remember are:

If you have the option, always put your vehicle inside a closed and locked garage.  This greatly reduces the risk of being a BMV victim. It also protects the sizeable investment in your vehicle against storm damage or possibly being hit by another driver while parked on the street.  If you have items stored in your garage find a place in the attic for them, rent a mini-warehouse or have a garage sale.  The point being that in most instances, the value of what you have inside your garage in lieu of your vehicle is most probably of significantly less value than the vehicle itself.

If you must park your vehicle in the driveway, install motion-activated lights nearby.  In the event that someone comes around the vehicle the light will activate.  In most cases this will immediately scare off the potential criminal and will also give you and neighbors the opportunity to see the suspect and alert us.


If anyone has any information regarding these BMV’s, please contact Detective Sergeant Larry Denison by calling 214-975-0462.  If you see something in progress, call 9-1-1 or you may also call the non-emergency number direct to dispatch which is (940) 349-1600 or (972) 434-5500.  Even if you only noticed something suspicious, like people simply walking around late at night or looking in car windows or pulling door handles, we’d appreciate any details you can provide.

Always report suspicious activity immediately when you see it.  It does little good to send an email or ask a Neighborhood Watch Coordinator the next day about something you saw that was out of the ordinary.  If something seems out of the ordinary or suspicious to you, it probably is.  Follow your instinct and call. We’d much rather you call us and not need us than need us and not call.  A seemingly insignificant report of something strange can (and has) led to the arrest of people committing crimes currently or in the past.  Each call is important and every piece of information adds value to the investigation.

As always, if you have any additional questions, comments or need additional information about staying safe or participating in a Neighborhood or Business Watch program in your area, feel free to contact me at e-mail or by phone at 972-377-1885.