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Kids Safety

Safety Tips

McGruff, the Crime Dog

  • Learn more about McGruff, the Crime Dog, become a member of the McGruff club, play cool games and more.
  • Want to be an FBI agent? Learn about the FBI, solve mysteries, help Bobby Bureau get in disguise and lots more. Visit the FBI Kids page for all this.
  • Trip Buzz provides a number of links to bike safety resources and State laws related to bicycles.
  • Internet Safety101 is an initiative by the organization Enough is Enough.  It is designed primarily for parents to learn about dangers to children posed by the Internet.  In their own words, they have designed this site to "educate you about the dangers; to empower you with the ability to recognize the warning signs and with helpful ways to discuss Internet safety with your kids; and to equip you with the safety resources you need." 
  • The Official Kid’s Portal of the U.S. Government has interactive games and other fun things, grouped by age-appropriate materials. This portal also serves as the official link to all U.S. Government agencies that have kid’s pages on their site.
  • For games and quizzes to test your knowledge on lots of subjects, for a reference desk, sports, features of the month and even an age-appropriate blog, try Fact Monster.
  • Safety Kids, Inc. has links for law enforcement and instructors, information on "stranger danger", information on day care facilities and much more.
  • For information on Kid Health, staying safe, bicycle safety tips and related information check them out.
  • To learn how to avoid being hit by cars and many other safety tips for bicycle safety go to Bicycle Safe.
  • The Texas Bicycle Coalition has a great site called Bike Texas that lists bicycle laws specific to Texas and offers conferences, programs and rides available for participation.
  • Assisting kids and their parents for over 30 years, Associa Supports Kids has a web site full of videos, brochures and other information useful for kid safety.
  • Although JMAC Supply Company is not a company specifically designed for child safety, they do have a page that contains a lot of questions and answers specifically about stranger danger. As you review the site remember that not all adults who endanger children are strangers. Some are relatives and other close acquaintances. The information contained on this site will still prove useful information for children should they encounter such a situation.
  • O2 is actually a commercial cell phone company in England, but their kid page has a lot of useful information related to electronic communication safety tips for kids, including social media, cell phones, and other electronic postings, all of which are valid tips for all kids.
  • Soft Activity is a great site for parents to learn more about Internet safety for kids, with lots of links and additional resources provided for additional research.