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Fine Schedule
Fine Amounts for Common Violations
Common Violations Fine Amount
Alcohol - Open Container $302
Assault by Threat $303
Assault by Contact $324
Animal at Large $176
Animal Noise $185
Crossing Property $212
Defective Brake Lamp $169
Defective Tail Lamp $140
Defective Turn Signal $175
Disorderly Conduct - Language $352
Disorderly Conduct - Fighting $452
Expired Driver's License $147
Fail to Present Driver's License $174
No Driver's License $250
Expired Registration $164
Fail to Signal Lane Change $187
FMFR - No Insurance $311
Following Too Closely $206
Minor in Possession of Tobacco $278
Minor in Possession of Alcohol $255
Minor in Consumption of Alcohol $321
No Seat Belt $150
Parked Wrong Direction $97
Park in Handicap Zone Illegally $565
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia $365
Public Intoxication $352
Ran Stop Sign $252
Speeding (not in a school zone) up to 10 miles over Speed Limit $164
Speeding (not in a school zone) 11-15 miles over Speed Limit $211
Speeding (not in a school zone) 16-20 miles over Speed Limit $258
Speeding (not in a school zone) 21 plus miles over Speed Limit $304

Certain moving violations carry points in our system.  This link contains the list of official "moving violations".

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) assess surcharges to an individual based on certain traffic offenses that have occurred on or after September 1st, 2003. Individuals who have both points and convictions reported to their driver record will receive separate surcharges for each offense; a surcharge for the points and a surcharge for the conviction(s). Please visit to receive more information. Also please download the pamphlet to read more on the Driver Responsibility Program.

Additional Violations

If your violation is not listed, please contact the Court Clerk’s office at
(214) 975-0484 or via email.