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Gang Investigations
Gang Detail
The Little Elm Police Department has established a gang detail to investigate any and all individuals or gangs engaging in criminal activity. The gang detail is a specialized investigative unit of the Little Elm Police Department whose primary purpose is:
  • Reduce violent crimes committed by criminal street gangs
  • Reduce the number of repeat juvenile offenders
  • Identify at-risk youth
  • Establishing intervention programs to prevent the increase of gang membership

Fortunately for Little Elm, gangs are not a huge problem. Like any community, there is a small gang presence and the possibility is always there for gangs to form and grow.

The Little Elm Police Department’s Gang Detail is composed of six members from various divisions.
  • The commander is from the Detective Division
  • One member is from the Crime Prevention Division
  • Two are School Resource Officers
  • One is a Patrol Shift Sergeant
  • One is a Patrol Shift Corporal

The cooperative effort between the unit’s multidimensional duties has been effective in clearing criminal offenses and in quelling disturbances at the schools. The members of the Gang Detail are on call and respond to the scene no matter what hour of the day or night that crime occurs. Members initiate their investigation and continue to follow-up until all leads are exhausted, or until the crime is solved and the gang members identified and arrested.

Gang, Graffiti, and Drugs

You can learn more about Little Elm Police Department's efforts regarding these topics on the Gang and Drug Awareness page.

Should you have any question related to gangs or juvenile related offenses, you may contact Detective Hinojosa via email or at (972) 377-1889.