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School Resource Officers
For a number of years, the Little Elm Independent School District has contracted with the Little Elm Police Department to station officers at various schools during the school day. This stems from the desire by both organizations to help make the learning environment as safe as possible for the students, staff and visitors.

Statistics have repeatedly shown that learning does not happen when students and staff do not feel safe in their environment. The visible presence of an officer is, in and of itself, a great deterrent to criminal activity. Having officers on location also provides a much more rapid first response should an emergency occur at school.

The police department contracts to provide two officers full-time for the school district. One officer is stationed at the high school. The second officer is assigned to patrol the remainder of the district.

The fact that students begin seeing officers as persons often times permanently alters their view of law enforcement in general, and police officers specifically, as elements of society that they can trust and turn to for help.

In Little Elm, the junior high campus, intermediate campus, elementary campus and administration are physically situated on adjoining sites making it easy for the officer on location to respond as needed to any of the locations.

Elementary Schools

Generally speaking, elementary schools have little need for officers, other than the occasional custody dispute or criminal mischief incident. Thus, this officer can do a great deal of pro-active work by going to different schools during lunch and visiting with students while they eat. It also gives the officer the ability to do presentations on request on topics such as bullying, school violence, child lures, drug and alcohol awareness and much more.

Junior High
This officer generally works out of an office provided by the district located at the junior high. Just as with the high school, older students tend to get into more law enforcement related situations. Having an officer at the junior high provides much of the same advantages as those for having an officer at the high school.

High School

As kids get older, they tend to get into more situations where law enforcement needs to become involved. Thefts, fights and other petty crimes happen with much more frequency at high schools than at lower levels of education. Having an officer on location provides the ability to immediately investigate criminal activity, isolate suspects faster, and in many instances, solve these types of crimes quickly.

Another advantage of having an officer stationed at the high school is that students and staff become comfortable with interacting with the officer, both professionally and as a person.