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Child Lures Program
Program OverviewChild Lures Program
Children in today's world potentially face a host of issues that were not even dreamed of a decade ago. Gone are the days in which a parent can simply tell a child not to talk to or take candy from a stranger. Who is a stranger? A stranger may be someone the child knows, but neither the child nor the parent knows the unseen dark side of that person. How can children be protected from that danger? The Internet alone presents a whole new set of challenges for those concerned with the exploitation of children. New tricks evolve almost daily for predators looking for child victims.

Additionally, children are lured by peers and even adults into trying drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and sex at an even younger age. School violence and bullying are issues that kids face as well. How can they be taught every possible scenario to help keep them safe?

No program is absolutely foolproof. Parents, together with law enforcement and other interested persons and organizations, can only do so much. The message that the child gets must be dynamic, in that it must constantly change to stay updated with the trends of criminals who prey on children.

Think First & Stay Safe
To address all of these issues, the Little Elm Police Department is implementing “Think First and Stay Safe”, a program designed to address all of these issues. Components of this program address kids as well as parents. Age appropriate materials present the various dangers, and suggestions for improving safety, to kids and to parents in separate classroom-type settings.

The program is designed to be taught as a two-to-three week curriculum in public schools. The Little Elm Police Department is working with Little Elm ISD, through their School Health Advisory Council (SHAC), of which several department members are participants, in an effort to introduce this curriculum into the schools.

Additionally, the department makes it available on an as requested basis to concerned groups of citizens. The components of the program can be broken down and taught in segments as short as 15 minutes each. This makes it possible to talk about specific areas that may be of immediate concern.

Learn More
The Child Lures Prevention website gives a great overview of the entire program, along with sample videos, photos and posters. It is also a great source for links to other websites or directly to hotlines, all dealing with the various aspects of child safety.

Request a Presentation
To assist you in setting up a Child Lures Prevention presentation, or to obtain more information concerning child safety please contact our Community Services Division via email or at (972) 377-1885.