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Fatal Vision
Alcohol - The Drug of Choice
Alcohol is the drug of choice for millions of Americans. Make no mistake, it is a drug. More specifically, it is a central nervous system depressant that in moderation lowers inhibitions and impairs judgment, among other things. In excess, it is the number one related factor in traffic accidents nationwide, along with domestic violence cases, assault and homicide.

The Little Elm Police Department believes that one of the key factors in combating this crisis is education. To that end, the department provides educational programs to teens and adults of all ages. A valuable training aide in this process involves a product made by Innocorp, Ltd. called Fatal Vision.

Fatal Vision Program
Fatal Vision Goggles
Fatal Vision goggles simulate the effect that alcohol has on the human brain. Goggles of varying degrees of intoxication demonstrate the concept of impairment caused by alcohol by distorting vision and causing behaviors that are similar to those exhibited by someone under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

A typical program would allow the participant to wear the Fatal Vision® goggles and attempt to perform otherwise routine tasks easily done when sober, but remarkably difficult when impaired. These are things such as attempting to put a key in a lock, dribbling a basketball, playing catch with a football, walking a straight line, and a host of other demonstration. The tasks are always conducted in a safe environment, under the direct supervision of police officers. Participants are thus able to learn the potentially lethal effects of alcohol use safely and in a fun learning environment.

Fun, But Educational

Laughter at their antics is common, however the message is serious and the danger is reinforced at the conclusion of each demonstration by the officer as he or she delivers a message about the very real dangers that are involved with the use of alcohol.

Programs can be as brief or as detailed as needed, depending on the needs of the requesting party. Demonstrations have been held for school groups in classroom settings, during intermissions of basketball games, at community events such as National Night Out and a host of other venues.

A Fatal Vision program is frequently done in conjunction with the use of SIDNE®, Simulated Impaired Driving Program.

Request a Program
Learn more about Fatal Vision products by visiting their website.

To assist you in setting up a Fatal Vision program please contact our Community Services Division via email or at (972) 377-1885.