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HB 3693 Compliance Report
The Texas 80th Legislature passed HB 3693 (Government Code § 2264.001 (b)), which sets forth new energy efficiency requirements and energy usage reporting requirements for governmental entities in the State of Texas.  The statue requires governmental entities to electronically report their annual aggregate usage and costs.

Electricity:  The Town of Little Elm purchases electricity from CoServ Electric.

Natural Gas:  The Town of Little Elm purchases natural gas from Atmos Energy.

Water:  The Town of Little Elm is a municipal water provider; wholesale water is purchased from North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD).  

Fiscal Year        Electric Consumption (KWH)    Electric Cost    Natural Gas Consumption (CCF)    Natural Gas Cost    Water Consumption (Gals)    Water Cost    Total For All Utilities
2013 8,846,766 $874,572 16,752 $12,813 27,061,000 $46,816 $934,201