KLEB Neighborhood Clean-Up Trailer Request

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Please provide us with further details about your planned Neighborhood, Trails or Waterway Clean-Up Event below:
Responsible parties must work with Keep Little Elm Beautiful, (KLEB) and any local authority to determine a proper parking location for the trailer and will meet with a KLEB staff member at that location when the trailer is delivered and picked up. Responsible party will also ensure all participants using the equipment from the trailer are supervised at all times and have completed all Waivers. The equipment inventory will be confirmed prior to receipt of the trailer and upon return of the trailer with KLEB staff. Your organization will distribute supplies to participants and ensure all equipment is operated safely. Supplies should be placed back inside the trailer once participants have completed the project. The trailer will need to be properly secured and its contents. Missing items or items not returned in the condition they were received (normal wear and tear excluded) will need to be replaced. Lastly, you will need to ensure the trailer is free of trash and debris. We ask that you complete and submit the Cleanup Summary Report to KLEB regarding the number of bags of trash collected, final number of participants, the time frame for the clean-up, the area of concentration and photographs of your event.

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