Common Code Violations

High Grass and Weeds

Weeds and grass over 12 inches in height are a violation.

Property owners and tenants are responsible for keeping their lawns mowed to the edge of the roadway.
High Grass Weeds.jpg

Junked Vehicles

Any vehicle in public view that is inoperable for 30 days, wrecked, dismantled and not registered or licensed is considered a junk vehicle.
Junked Vehicles.jpg

Junk, Trash & Debris

Properties should be kept free of unsightly buildup of litter, garbage, and/or junk which is likely to become unsanitary, offensive, or likely to create disease.
Junk Trash Debris.jpg

Bandit Signs

Bandit Signs are temporary business signs, usually of cardboard or foam board and mounted on angle iron, a wooden stake or posted to a utility pole.

These signs are illegal and are put up without permits. These signs cause clutter and distractions to drivers.
Bandit Signs.jpg

Street Parking

Boats, RVs, and trailers are prohibited from being parked on public streets, right of ways, or alleys in excess of 72 hours without being moved.

Call the LEPD at (214) 975-0460.
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Garage Sale Signs

Residents having garage sales are required to obtain a permit.

Only garage sale signs issued by the town are permitted and must be posted on private property.
Garage Sale Signs.jpg

Substandard Structures

Any residence, building or structure which becomes dilapidated, deteriorated, or damaged in condition due to lack of maintenance is determined to be a fire hazard.
Substandard Structures.jpg


Graffiti constitutes illegal vandalism and is unsightly to the community and causes the slow sale of properties for fear of criminal activity.

Oversized Vehicles

Vehicles exceeding 30 feet in length, 8 feet in height and have a carrying capacity greater than 4,000 lbs. are not permitted to be parked in residential areas.

Call the LEPD at (214) 975-0460.
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Illegal Dumping

Examples include unauthorized use of a dumpster, discarding trash and debris on another individual’s property, or dumping left over construction materials on private or public properties.
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