How do I report a large pothole that has developed in front of my house?

Make an online request for repairs.

A pothole on my concrete street was recently repaired with asphalt. Why wasn't the repair made with concrete?

When the Street Division receives a pothole request, the maintenance crew chief investigates to determine the nature and extent of the problem. If the problem needs immediate attention or can be improved with the placement of asphalt, the Street Division will make a temporary asphalt repair. As the division develops its annual infrastructure repair program, those locations where temporary repairs have been made will be evaluated to determine their priority for permanent concrete repairs.

Can the Street Division do something to eliminate the water that constantly stands in the street in front of my house?

Yes. Standing water is typically caused when the pavement settles and the water can’t drain. Once a request of this type is received, staff will investigate, including collecting elevation data to determine the extent of the problem. Make an online request for repairs.

The sidewalk and curb in front of my house are damaged. Does the Street Division maintain sidewalks and curbs?

Yes. Make an online request for repairs.

Does the Street Division maintain street lights?

The Town of Little Elm Street Division maintains only the street lights along Eldorado Parkway. Neighborhood street lights are maintained by CoServ Electric. Make an Little Elm Citizens Request Online for Town of Little Elm repairs OR make a request for neighborhood repairs with CoServ HERE.