New Customer Information

Water, Sewer & Refuse (Solid Waste) Services

Welcome to the Little Elm Water Department. All residents will be billed for water, sewer, and refuse monthly. There are two ways to start your service. You may visit our office or apply over the phone. Someone has to be inside the home to turn the water on.


  • Commercial: $150* or two times the average bill for a comparable business or previous occupant's history, whichever is greater
  • Fire Hydrant Meter: $1,000*
  • Residential: $100*
  • Make Payments Online
*A $15 application fee will applied for all new connects. The deposit is refunded when the customer moves from the Town of Little Elm. It is also transferable if the customer moves within the Town of Little Elm.

Certificate of Occupancy

A Certificate of Occupancy is required when a home is being leased or purchased as a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) / foreclosure. The Certificate of Occupancy can be obtained from the Building Inspections Department located at Town Hall.

The owner of the property is responsible for payment of the Certificate of Occupancy.

Disconnection of Service

Customers who are moving from the Town of Little Elm need to call a customer service representative at (214) 975-0480. The final bill will have the deposit applied to it. Accounts with a credit balance will have checks mailed within two weeks after the final statement. Please give the customer service representative a forwarding address.