Public Protection Classification

Little Elm ISO Class 1/1Y PPC

The Little Elm Fire Department (LEFD) is a career department providing fire and emergency medical services from two fully-staffed stations. LEFD fire stations are situated strategically through Town in order to provide the most efficient service response possible. These services are provided by right to those who live within the Town limits as well as in unincorporated areas of the county under contract (also known as ‘Outside Protection Areas’ [OPA]) through the Denton County’s Office of Emergency Services.
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Effective September 1, 2016, those who reside in the incorporated town limits of Little Elm or in the Little Fire Department’s OPA will have an ISO PPC 1/1Y rating. Those properties in Little Elm Fire

Response District must meet the following criteria for an ISO PPC Class 1:
  • Within five (5) road miles of a fire station AND within 1000 feet of a fire hydrant
An ISO 1Y PPC rating will be given to those protected properties that are within 5 road miles of a station and are NOT within 1000 feet of a hydrant. For properties that are NOT within five road miles of a fire station and have a hydrant within 1000 feet of their property are classified as an ISO 10W.

Hydrant locations can be readily determined by physical measurement by the insurance company if they feel necessary.  Driving directions from most online mapping programs can determine the approximate distance from a protected property and the closest fire station.
  • Little Elm Fire Station 1: 88 West Eldorado Parkway, Little Elm, 75068
  • Little Elm Fire Station 2: 2301 Walker Lane, Little Elm, 75068
  • Little Elm Fire Station 3: 1801 Navo Road, Aubrey, 76227 (Future)
    • Although a future location, this Station may be used for calculations as the grading included an automatic aid agreement that is established until Station 3 is operational.
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Brian M. Roach
Fire Chief
Little Elm Fire Department