Stations & Equipment

Central Fire Station

Opened in January of 2012, this station provides fire and EMS coverage for the west part of Little Elm, Lakewood Village, as well as portions of Denton County. This station can sleep up to 13 firefighters. It houses Engine 621, Medic 621, Brush 621, Tanker 621, Battalion Chief 621 and other support vehicles.

The Central Fire Station and fire administration are located at the public safety building in front of Town Hall.

Station 2

Station 2

Opened in 2007, this station provides services to the eastern portions of Little Elm. Fire Station #2 is located at the intersection of Walker Lane and Saddle Horn Drive. Station 2 sleeps up to 7 personnel and houses Quint 622 and Medic 622.

Station 3 Archecture Drawing

Station 3

Located on Navo Road in the Union Park subdivision, Station 3 is currently under construction with a planned opening in the first quarter of 2018.  

Station 3 will provide Fire and EMS services to those areas with in the Town limits along 380, the northern part of FM 423, and areas of unincorporated Denton County.  

Station 3 with have the manpower to fully staff the engine and ambulance that will be housed there.  In addition to Engine 623 and Medic 623 - Brush 623 will also be housed at Station 3.